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Body worn camera solutions in action

Malvern Hills District Council and The Francis Crick Institute – two very different organisations with very differing security requirements, but two clients who put their trust in body worn camera solutions. IFSEC Global speaks to B-Cam to find out why. Malvern Hills Worcestershire’s Malvern Hills District Council provides services for over 75,000 residents in an…
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National Gamekeepers Organisation – Body cam back-up

Body-worn cameras are now used far more widely than just by the police service. Indeed, UK-based innovator, producer and retailer of body-worn cameras, B-Cam, supplies a range of organisations including the NHS, UK Government and private security. These devices are used so extensively that barely a week goes by without the footage of a police…
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Mention body worn cameras and the natural assumption is that there would be a very niche market for these products, comprising of the police service and a small number of other statutory bodies. However, UK based innovator, producer and retailer of body worn camera solutions, B-Cam would beg to differ, pointing to the diverse range…
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NHS Staff safe campaign

Guy’s and St Thomas’ have joined forces with the Metropolitan Police to encourage more staff to report violent and abusive behaviour by patients and visitors as part of Operation Cavell. The move comes as the Trust revealed there had been 219 physical assaults on nurses and other frontline staff from April to September 2018. It…
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