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About Us

servicesB-Cam Ltd is a leading supplier of body-worn security cameras for military, government, police and security providers around the world.

B-Cam is at the forefront of delivering body worn camera solution to police forces, national health service, shopping centres, football clubs and security related events globally where high quality audio and video recordings are captured and used to facilitate in evidence management during criminal and/or anti-social incidents.

After event analysis of captured video and audio footage, obtained from the use of body worn cameras, has proven to be an effective tool leading to increased prosecution and conviction rates.

Who Are B-Cam?

B-Cam is a UK based company established in 2012. We support organisations both in the UK and Worldwide

We have successfully deployed in excess of 3000 Body Worn Cameras to front line police officers as well as numerous deployments in the security, health, retail and local council sectors.

What Makes B-Cam a Leading Supplier?

We pride ourselves in delivering a product that does exactly what is says it will do as well as offering a second to none customer support facility.

Why Do I Want To Use B-Cam?

  • We provide 24/7 support with quick response
  • We will replace equipment within two working days
  • Our cameras are ergonomically designed, robust, waterproof and of high heat resistance
  • All cameras are tamper proof to ensure evidence integrity
  • Our software is secure yet easy to use

What makes B-Cam a supplier of choice?

We pride ourselves on delivering a robust, cost effective body worn camera solution that is easy to use and has secure software that does exactly what is says it will do. This is supported by a professional and bespoke customer support service that is available 24/7. We offer a tailored solution to meet customer’s ever-changing operational needs.