Excellent product with fantastic support

‘Excellent product with fantastic support’

Right Guard Security UK Ltd have been using Body Worn Video Cameras supplied by B-Cam for many years.
Whatever the venue type our operatives always feel safer when wearing a B-Cam body camera.
The body cameras are excellent, user friendly and robust for the working environment.
Not only is the product fantastic, but so is the technical support and customer service.
Paul H, Right Guard Security

Akon Security

We use body cameras to minimise conflict to maintain a high standard of professionalism within our staff.  The footage is used to record any important detail to help reduce future problems. The camera rollout has provided an invaluable tool for safeguarding our staff, clients and customers.

My security officers feel safer

“I would like to thank B-Cam who have supplied the body worn video solution for our security team at The Francis Crick Institute. Their product enhances our security operation both night and day – not only does BWV support their work but the camera looks good too! Feedback from the team has been excellent.” 

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David Clark, Head of Security

Case study : Victoria shopping centre

These body worn cameras have proven invaluable in the short time that we have been using them. The cameras not only provide proof of scheduled patrols, they offer a visual deterrent against any antisocial behavior. They are an essential ‘extra pair of eyes’ and provide undisputable evidence of behavior and conduct directed towards my security team in potentially volatile situations.

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Stuart Wilkie, Head of Security

Preventing the escalation of violence

My security staff were called to an urgent and violent incident on a ward. A visitor was being abusive towards staff and patients. On seeing security with BWC he immediately calmed down and co-operated, thereby preventing the escalation of his anti social behavior.

Lee Jeffrey, Security Manager

B-Cam body worn cameras have been of great benefit

B-Cam body worn cameras have been of great benefit to us in reducing crime and the fear of crime. In the last year we had an 88% reduction of assaults on staff and a 50% reduction in revenue loss.

Chris Whitewood, Mars Loss Prevention Specialist

A welcome addition to the security and safety

The BWC has been a welcome addition to the security and safety of the shopping centre. Since its introduction last week, we have seen a behavioural change in young people’s conduct as they pass through the shopping centre

Gordon Glean, Security Manager