Compact Camera V2

The Compact v2 is our most user-centered body camera yet. Developed of its successful predecessor, the V2 is professional, durable and easy to use.

It comes in 2 colors (brilliant orange and stealth black) and 2 options:

  • V2.1 with screen
  • V2.2 without screen

Some Key features:

  • FULL HD 1296p @30FPS - Stunning high definition recordings at a smooth 30fps frame rate, perfect for catching every detail needed.
  • SUPER WIDE 120 DEGREE ANGLE LENS - With a lens as wide as this one you will be able to capture everything that's in front of you while maintaining a High Definition, undistorted resolution. 
  • NIGHT VISION – Current infrared technology empowers you to continue recording even in low light. The Compact v2’s night vision automatically turns on in power lighting conditions to make sure you get the evidence you need. 
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - The Compact v2 has a built-in  lithium battery that lasts up to 48 hours on standby and up to 9 hours with continuous recording.
  • WATERPROOF - Total protection against dust (waterproof material). Protected against the effects of immersion between 0.15 and 1m.
  • BUILT IN GPS - The GPS feature proves useful if the footage is needed for evidence. The Compact v2 can accurately pinpoint and capture your location during video recording. 
  • DATA PROTECTION - During the transfer of the data, the media is encrypted using 512AES. Once on the server, the data is stored in an encrypted state of 256AES.