Pleased to announce our partnership with ISB

We are happy to start this partnership with polish company Instytut Systemów Bezpieczeństwa.  The service offerings by both of our companies are very complementary and we will be at your side to support your projects implementing surveillance and security solutions.

Instytut Systemów Bezpieczeństwa company started its business in 2003 and operates in the uniformed services and central administration in Poland and abroad. Most of the employees are engineers with a high level of professionalism.

ISB company is specialised in:

  • Design and implementation of systemic and technical solutions for security checks,
  • Delivery of technical equipment for the army, police, border guards, customs services and other services related to the security of the State and the institutions of central and local government, as well as civil and military airports, stadiums;
  • Research and development.

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