Lone Worker Safety

By using the B-Cam body worn cameras you can help protect your employees, particularly those who engage with the public or work in difficult and high risk situations, whilst also improving your business image and reducing unnecessary costs.

Deter – It has been evidenced that the presence of recording equipment alters human behaviour. Using B-Cam body worn cameras can defuse and de-escalate potentially volatile situations, reduce complaints against staff and act as a visual deterrent to those seeking to cause harm or distress.
Staff Safety – The visual deterrent of the B-Cam device can reduce the number of confrontational situations staff encounter, leading to improved worker health and safety. Better working conditions promote confidence in both the employer and the employee; thereby boosting staff morale and reducing absences.
Evidence – B-Cam body worn cameras provide audio, video and still image recordings which are fully admissible as evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings; with their specialist design forming secure chain of custody.
Business – The combined benefits of B-Cam devices will contribute to a more efficient workflow with associated cost savings, reduced complaints and incidents, higher staff morale and a secure evidential recording system you can rely on means less time wasted, giving you the freedom to focus on running your business.
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